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Settling in Canada City of Sudbury PROFILE

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Greater Sudbury is known as the “Capital of the North”, an educational, cultural, business and transportation hub for the entire region.


Sudbury Facts

Sudbury website

Population: 160,770 (2011)

Location – Central Canada
North Eastern Ontario, 390 km north of Toronto.

Dry, hot and humid summers, cold and snowy winters.

Greater Sudbury is known as the “Capital of the North”, an educational, cultural, business and transportation hub for the entire region.

As one of Canada’s largest municipalities by area, with plenty of open space, freshwater lakes, pristine forests and woodlands, parks, recreational facilities and real estate, Sudbury offers a unique Northern lifestyle and quality of life.

The variety of our seasons enables Sudburians to enjoy a wide range of events, festivals, and recreational activities that change as the seasons do.

Sudbury features:

  • 330 lakes within the municipal boundaries, some within walking distance from the downtown core
  • The largest integrated mining complex in the world
  • A UN award-winning land reclamation program
  • The Education Capital of the North, with Laurentian University, Cambrian College, College Boreal, Northern Ontario School of Medicine and several private colleges
  • A new School of Architecture approved for the downtown core
  • Rich cultural communities
  • Recognized as 1 of 5 official francophone newcomer settlement cities

A full range of supports and services for newcomers



Since the first settlers made their home here, the foundations of this community have been built by individuals and groups from many walks of life. The influence of different cultural, ethnic, educational and other values has played a major role in the formation and expansion of the entire Greater Sudbury community.

Sudbury has Canada’s third largest francophone community outside Quebec, an historic Finnish community, and more recently, immigrants from India and China.

As of the 2011 National Household Survey, there were 9,780 immigrants living in Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury – 6.2 per cent of the total population. Of these, 6.8 per cent – 665 people in all – arrived between 2006 and 2011.

Countries of origin
Italy, United Kingdom, Other places of birth in Europe, Germany, United States, Poland, India, China, Other places of birth in Africa, Greece.

First languages spoken
English, French, Italian, Finnish, German.

Catholic, No religious affiliation, United Church, Other Christian, Anglican, Lutheran.

Countries of origin

These are the 30 most common birthplaces of immigrants to Sudbury.

Country of Origin Total Immigrant Population (2011) Immigrants Arriving 2006 – 2011
Italy 1,775
United Kingdom 1,330 0
Other places of birth in Europe 1,295
Germany 745 0
United States 600 100
Poland 385 0
India 275 75
China 260 30
Other places of birth in Africa 210
Greece 200
Other places of birth in Americas 175
Ukraine 160 0
Ireland, Republic of 155
Other places of birth in Asia 155
South Africa, Republic of 150 15
Netherlands 145
Serbia 115
Mexico 110 40
Bosnia and Herzegovina 110
Croatia 105
Portugal 100
Philippines 100 20
Korea, South 95
Jamaica 80 0
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 75 0
Pakistan 75 0
Hungary 70
Lebanon 70 0
Other places of birth 70
France 65 0

‡ Statistics Canada did not publish data for some countries of origin for recent immigrants.
Source: Statistics Canada (2011 National Household Survey)

First languages

These are the top ten “first languages” – the mother tongue spoken by people who live in the region.

Mother Tongue Number (2011) % of Population (2011)
English 105,930 66.5%
French 45,465 28.6%
Italian 2,925 1.8%
Finnish 1,520 1.0%
German 810 0.5%
Ukrainian 615 0.4%
Polish 565 0.4%
Arabic 440 0.3%
Spanish 325 0.2%
Croatian 305 0.2%

Source: Statistics Canada (2011 Census of Canada)


These are the religions with the most adherents in Sudbury.

Religion # of Adherents (2011)
Catholic 92,820
No religious affiliation 28,550
United Church 9,790
Other Christian 8,560
Anglican 6,810
Lutheran 3,040
Baptist 2,080
Pentecostal 1,895
Presbyterian 1,530
Christian Orthodox 930
Muslim 650
Other religions 410

Source: Statistics Canada (2011 National Household Survey)

Housing Information

In Greater Sudbury there are housing options to fit every budget and lifestyle. About 2/3 of Sudbury residents own their own homes and 1/3 rent a home.

In comparison to other Ontario communities, Sudbury has low average housing prices.

Average rents
The average monthly rent for a one bedroom apartment in April 2013 was $744 and a two bedroom apartment was $920. The average monthly rent for a three bedroom apartment was $1,100.

Vacancy rate and availability
In Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury, the vacancy rate for one bedroom rental apartments was 2.9 per cent and for two bedroom apartments was 3 per cent. The vacancy rate of three bedroom rental apartments was 2.4 per cent. This was the proportion of rental apartments that are vacant and ready for move-in in April 2013.

The proportion, in April 2013, of apartments that are vacant or for which the present occupant has given notice to move-out was 5 per cent for one bedroom apartments, 4.2 per cent for two bedroom apartments, and 4.2 per cent for three bedroom apartments.

Home purchase prices
In Greater Sudbury / Grand Sudbury, the average house price, in 2012, was $240,312.

For more up-to-date information, see CMHC's Housing Market Information website, and the Canadian Housing Observer.

Housing help

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation – Housing information for Newcomers

Resources that can help you find housing:

Greater Sudbury Housing Corporation
Manages public (subsidized housing) in Greater Sudbury. There is typically a waiting list.



In the early 1970s, Falconbridge and INCO mining companies dominated the local economy, employing over 25,000 persons. Over the next three decades, new mining technologies helped increase productivity while reducing overall employment in the minerals sector. Despite this decline in the number of mining jobs, the demand for products, services and technological advancement fuelled the development of a vibrant mining services industry.

While mining and mining services have long dominated the labour force in Greater Sudbury, the City’s labour force profile has diversified significantly over the last three decades. Now, 7,971 businesses employ 43,670 full-time workers in such sectors as health, government, education, retail, manufacturing, recreation, food services, construction, and financial services.

Some of Greater Sudbury’s top employers are

  • Vale (mining)
  • Xtrata Nickel (mining)
  • Canada Revenue Agency’s Tax Services
  • Canadian Blood Services, Hôpital regional de Sudbury Regional Hospital
  • Science North
  • City of Greater Sudbury

Job search help

These web sites list jobs in Greater Sudbury

Greater Sudbury’s Employment Link

Job search engines:

Northern Employment Solutions

Ontario March of Dimes

Sudbury Action Centre for Youth

Sudbury Vocational Resource Centre

YMCA Employment Services

Private employment services may also be available.

Business start-ups

These organizations offer advice and support to people starting small businesses in Greater Sudbury:

Regional Business Centre
The first point of contact for new or existing businesses needing assistance of any kind.

Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre
Free business information for new or growing businesses.

Invest in Canada
Promotes, attracts and retains foreign direct investment in Canada.

Greater Sudbury Development Corporation
Local business start-up assistance.

Also see:

Ministry of Northern Development and Mines and Forestry

Invest Northern Ontario

Entering the workforce

This organization helps immigrants evaluate foreign credentials

World Education Services Canada

These organizations help immigrants enter the Greater Sudbury workforce:

Professions North/Nord
Assists internationally trained professionals in Northern Ontario reach their career goals by bridging the gap between education, experience, culture, and employment. Professionals from any field are encouraged to develop a portfolio to enhance their marketability to employers and to further develop their Canadian workplace communication and knowledge through PNN services.



Greater Sudbury’s post secondary institutions have made it the “Education Capital of the North.” We are home to two colleges of Applied Arts and Technology, one University and a Medical School.

For children and youth, Sudbury offers a variety of early years programs, four academic school boards and several private school options.

Greater Sudbury also offers a “Best Start” program with 13 family and community “hubs” located in schools. Hubs are free and directed at children aged 0 – 6 years.

Universities and colleges in Greater Sudbury

Cambrian College
Over 90 full-time programs and more than 800 part-time continuing education programs, courses, seminars, customized training packages, and distance education opportunities.

College Boreal
French language post secondary and skills training institution that contributes to the growth and development of communities in Northern and Central Southwestern Ontario.

Laurentian University
A bilingual and tri-cultural institution offering services for English, French, Aboriginal and International students. It offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs of study.

Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Housed in Laurentian University, the school offers a world class, four year MD program geared to the needs of the region.

Proposed School of Architecture
The City of Greater Sudbury has proposed a Northern Ontario School of Architecture in the North. The school has been approved for funding and is scheduled to open in downtown Sudbury to 400 students in the coming years.

Elementary and secondary schools (for children and youth)

Rainbow District School Board (Public English/French Immersion)

Sudbury Catholic District School Board (Separate English/French Immersion)

Conseil Scolaire Public du Grand Nord de L’Ontario (Public French)

Conseil Scolaire Catholique du Nouvel Ontario (Separate French)

Best Starts Program

Private schools may also be available

Community Services


Over the last decade Greater Sudbury has seen encouraging growth in the immigration sector. To celebrate this growth the city decorated a main bridge in the core of the city with flags representing every cultural and racial community living in Sudbury.

In 2005, Greater Sudbury City Council adopted a Diversity Plan to ensure everyone, including immigrant and multicultural groups, can participate fully in the life of the city.

The City of Greater Sudbury, in partnership with the Social Planning Council of Sudbury, developed a Guide to Immigration and Settlement Services. Order the guide. Visit the website.

Language training

LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada)
Email: lincsudbury@bellnet.ca
FREE language training across the country for adult permanent residents.

More specific language skills (fees may be charged):

St. Albert Adult Learning Centre
Email: schl204@scdsb.edu.on.ca

College Boreal

Settlement help

These organizations provide all kinds of support to immigrants:

YMCA Employment Services, Newcomer Services
Offers a comprehensive library of multilingual printed resources; information on housing, education, health care and employment; Assistance in completing government forms; referrals to community services

Contact Interculturel Francophone de Sudbury (CIFS)

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Multicultural Program)

Sudbury Multicultural Folk Arts Association
Provides links to a wide variety of cultural groups (African, Croatian, Chinese, Filipino, German, Greek, Hispanic, Indian, Irish, Muslim, Pakistani, Jewish, Bosnian-Herzegovinas, Korean, Sikh, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Ukrainian)

Cambrian College

Citizen and Immigration Canada
Provides information on coming to Canada to immigrate, study, work and live.  On this website you will find forms, policies and regulations, research, services, publications and visa offices.

These websites provide information on public transit, child care and government support programs.

Moving to Greater Sudbury Checklist
Includes links to all arrival information and social services, including visas, temporary accommodation, health cards, drivers licences, transit, etc.

Child care centres and child care subsidies

One immigrant’s story

Being a young newcomer to Canada who had been living for a few years in the Greater Toronto Area, I decided to take another step in my newcomer experience: leaving the place that I first settled in coming to Canada, to live in some other place in the country. I was feeling the need for change of scenery, and decided to move north to Sudbury. It wasn't an easy decision to make though, I had to make sure that the city or town that I'd be calling home would have all the things that I need to nurture my career, and fuel my lifestyle.

While sending out résumés to potential employers all over the province, I've been finding out as much as I could about the places I could be living in. I found Sudbury is home to several companies that offer career opportunities. I was also keen on a place that had many options for leisure, recreation, and things to spark my interest.

Sudbury's multi-cultural atmosphere creates a lively art and theatre scene, a wide variety of foreign cuisine, and the promise of meeting a wide variety of new people. Arts, Food, and Culture: the three things that get me going. A lovely bonus is that next to Ottawa, la Ville du Grand Sudbury is home to the largest Canadian-Francophone community outside Quebec. What could be a better way for newcomers to experience Canada than having that experience in English, and en Français?

Since my parents live in the Greater Toronto Area, Sudbury lets me stay close to home. In fact, Sudbury isn't too far from anywhere I want to be, but still far enough to have its own distinct character.

To me, living in Sudbury holds the promise of a more than ideal life. Now why don't you come visit and experience it for yourself? Come to Sudbury, Bienvenue!








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